Visiting the MACAW Lab

When you arrive at MUSC for your visit, please park in the Ashley-Rutledge Parking Garage (you will be paid $5 for parking fees). Once you have parked, a Research Assistant will meet you inside the garage on the ground floor next to the north elevator. The Research Assistant will be holding a sign so you know who they are.

At the beginning of your study visit, we will have you fill out some paperwork while your child plays with toys with a Research Assistant. 

You and your child will then move to the eye tracker and your child will be seated in a car seat. Your child will view a series of videos relating to the study while the eye tracker monitors their eye movements.

At the end of the videos, the study will be complete and your child will be able to choose a prize from our prize bin. You will receive your $5 for parking and any other compensation associated with participating in the specific study.

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